Hello, everyone! The Enlightium team is excited for the start of the new school year! A few housekeeping items to keep in mind for the app: 1. We are now using specific grade-level groups ("3rd Grade", "10th grade", etc.) for grade-specific posts, so make sure to join the correct groups to receive customized posts for your family. Go to "My Groups", scroll to the right until you see "Find More", and then join each of your student's grade-level groups. The best part? We'll update the name of the group each summer, so you won't need to change groups between school years! 2. With the improvement of using the specific grade-level groups, we will be phasing out the "Primary School", "Elementary School", "Middle School", and "High School" groups. 3. If you aren't in your state group yet, you should be added by Monday, August 22. Feel free to send me a direct message at that time if you have not yet been added.

Posted by Michael Brooks at 2022-08-15 20:06:16 UTC