#StudentSocialWeek starts on Monday, September 20! Here are some common questions about this event: *How do I register?* You will be provided with a link to sign up your student for a social event here in the app. Be on the lookout for a post. If you have push notifications enabled, you will receive a push notification as well. *Do I have to register my student for a social event?* You do not. The registration form will also act as an opt-out form. *Can I sign up my student for more than one social opportunity?* Absolutely! Once you've registered your student for one social event, you can submit the form again for a second. *I am not sure of my schedule this year. Can I start a social event and drop out later?* Yes. An update form will be provided as well, which will allow you to make updates to your initial registration form.

Posted by Michael Brooks at 2021-09-16 22:39:14 UTC