If you have not already, please plan to finish the #StudentOrientation and #ParentOrientation by Tuesday, September 7. Families who do not complete the orientations tend to have questions about Ignitia, social and spiritual offerings, and other aspects of Enlightium throughout the school year that are addressed in those brief courses. A few notes: -Student Orientation: one course is assigned per student in grades 3-12 and is found in their Ignitia account. -Parent Orientation: one course is assigned per family and is found in a student's Ignitia account. -If you enrolled within the last week, the login credentials to access Ignitia and the courses will be/have been provided via email. -If you enrolled more than one week ago, you can find the courses in Ignitia. -If you do not see one or more orientation courses please email orientations@enlightiumacademy.com and specify which course is missing.

Posted by Michael Brooks at 2021-09-01 17:37:52 UTC