Please help us congratulate the following students from our recent Bible Memorization competitions: PreK-K: N/A 1st-2nd Grade: 1st place: Harry E., New York 2nd place: Lavigna H., New York 3rd place: Oghenerono “Rono” O., Georgia and Ogheneruno “Runo” O., Georgia 3rd-5th Grade: 1st place: Gavriella P., Indonesia Danna U., Ecuador and Jaryn M., Ohio 2nd place: B’rit B., California and Yasmine C., Florida 3rd place: N/A Middle School: 1st Place: Eliana O., Wisconsin and Johvana C. Florida 2nd Place: Alexandra B., Connecticut 3rd Place: Windy B., Texas High School: 1st Place: Aurora S., Bahamas 2nd Place: Jephte (Jeffery) D., Kenya 3rd Place: N/A

Posted by Mrs. Cook, Student Activities Director at 2024-01-26 19:13:22 UTC