Spirit Week begins today! Are you ready to show your school spirit? Today marks the first day of Enlightium Academy’s Spirit Week. During Spirit Week, we invite all students to share the joy by submitting your spirited photos each day! 🎉✨ You can fill out the form to submit your photos or have your parents share directly in the Enlightium Parents app using the hashtag #SpiritWeek.🌟🎄 #EnlightiumSpiritWeek #SchoolPride Check out our Student Council President, Maria A., with her crazy Christmas hair! Today’s theme is as follows: 🎉 Monday, December 11: Crazy Hair Day Start the week with a burst of creativity! Let your hair be the canvas and showcase your wild and wacky hairstyles. Get ready to turn heads and kick off Spirit Week with a bang! Find more information on how to submit your photos and each day's theme, click here: https://support.enlightiumacademy.com/support/solutions/articles/48001182398-spirit-week

Posted by Mrs. Cook, Student Activities Director at 2023-12-11 17:06:54 UTC