Note that Enlightium Academy's admissions and counseling departments have reached their peak busy season. Enrollment forms submitted during August will likely have courses assigned by Labor Day. The good news is that Enlightium Academy offers course flexibility. This means that your students are still able to finish courses on time (and possibly even early) as they can move through the curriculum at their own pace. As you wait for your student’s classes to be assigned, we encourage your family to: 1. Complete the Parent Orientation, assigned to you via email (1 per household) 2. Complete the Student Orientation, assigned to you via email (1 per student in grades 3-12) 3. Watch the 2021-2022 Open House video (linked below) 4. Join/Watch our Question and Answer Sessions (linked below) 5. Review the Family Handbook 6. Print out the School Calendar 7. Read Dr. Solodyankin's new ebook on homeschooling

Posted by Michael Brooks at 2021-08-18 18:50:32 UTC